Sunday, June 30, 2019

4th Of July Pet Safety

With the 4th zooming up we need to remember pet anxiety. Giving your pet a calming supplement could be a good start.

Our pets love us and trust us. If you are shooting off fireworks, they want to play too. Be sure you have pets in the house, kenneled or on a leash to help them feel safe.

Cats should always be kept in the house. Sad to say these are the day's evil strikes the innocent.
On any day it can happen to cats. I came upon a few kittens trying to cross the street. I pulled over safely, hazard lights on, door open as I walk towards the kittens to retrieve them from the middle of the road. A car comes speeding up I hear the increase of speed just as I'm about there to reach the kittens this car runs them over right in front of me. I was outraged that someone could be so heartless.
Please keep your cats inside if you love them.


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